Changing it up a bit…

Hi, and welcome to my blog! Let’s start this brand new blog with a brand new do.

So, this happened a few weeks ago. Yep…. I went from pretty long locks (long for me) to uber-short… and I love it!

Anyone who knows me knows that I go from one extreme to an other; long  to short, blond to black and then back to blond, to red, and even fairy-floss pink, back in the day. I rarely stick with one hair style or colour, probably because, as a woman, its my prerogative to change my mind when it pleases me… in this case to change my hair as I wish.

I have had long hair (shoulder length) for 3+ years, which is the longest I have stuck with the same type of hair style. It was while flicking through Instagram that I came across Sarah LouWho, rocking an amazing pixie cut. That’s when I decided I wanted to get a pixie too…. so a few months later, I bit the bullet and went for it. I booked myself in at A Loft Story, which I found by flicking through Instagram as well 😉 and I had the most wonderful experience, getting my hair cut and coloured, and it turned out amazing.

And anyway, hair grows… so I will enjoy it and let it grow out until I feel its time to chop it all off again. 😉

So which one do you prefer?

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