Ikea VITTSJÖ laptop stand’s marble upgrade

A while back, I purchased 2 Ikea VITTSJÖ laptop stand tables to use as side tables for our couch. Perfect to rest your cup of tea on or editing your blogpost while watching a Mr. Kate video on youtube.

This is the table. It is made of metal and a tempered glass panel. Simple, useful and not cute or funky whatsoever. I know that sometimes, “less is more”… but in this case I strongly believe that marble is more. I love the marble look. I have marble-look phone and laptop cases, marble-look place mats, a marble serving boards etc…. Needles to say, a marble-look table was a must.

So here are the tools I used:
*  Marble-look contact paper (from Kmart), and
*  a pair of scissors

Step 1:

Place the glass panel on to the back of the contact paper and cut off the amount you need.
Leave extra paper on the sides as you will need to stick it on the other side of the glass (see Step 4).

Step 2 & 3:

Once you have cut the right amount of contact paper you need, flip the the glass panel and contact paper over. Now you can remove the backing from the contact paper and slowly start sticking it onto the glass panel.

I used my hand to smooth out the contact paper as I was sticking it onto the glass. I would pull a bit of the backing paper away and then would slide my thumb down the width of the glass panel, to smooth out the bubbles. I found it much easier to use my hand to smooth the bubbles rather than a plastic card. I tried with a plastic card on my first attempt but it would just rip the contact paper.

Step 4 & 5:

When the contact paper is on the glass panel and you are happy the the few bubbles or lack thereof, flip the panel over and stick the sides down.

Cut slits in the corners and stick the flaps down.

Step 6:

Place the now marbled glass panel onto the metal frame and… Tah Dah!!!

You have yourself a beautiful, slightly industrial looking, yet sophisticated side table.

I absolutely love the outcome. I think the next step will be to paint the legs…. perhaps in using some Rose Gold spray paint…

Stay tuned 😉

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