Eating our way through Switzerland, France & Austria

If you have read my previous post (Road Trip: France, Switzerland & Austria – April 2017), you know that we went on an epic road trip from Austria to Switzerland and France. I thought it was only fair to dedicate  an entire post to the amazing culinary experiences we experienced along the way.

Here we go.

It all starts in Geneva, Switzerland

We arrived in Geneva on my mums birthday and met with some friend who took us to a tiny little bistro called Le Cafe de la Limite. It is a simple, unassuming restaurant which offers one of the best Steak Tartare in the area as well as typical Swiss food such as cheese fondue. The prices are extremely reasonable and the portions are huge. We went there twice, on our first day and on our last. The food is exceptional and the service is on point. It feels like you are having dinner at your best friends’ place.

Divonne-les Bains, France

I grew up in France, in Ferney-Voltaire to be precise, and most Sundays, my parents and I would go to the Divonne Market to get fresh produce such as vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. Divonne has one of the best markets around. It takes place every Sunday and attracts people from France and Switzerland. The produce you can find there ranges from different types or artisan breads, cheeses, seafood, mushrooms, saucisson sec and rotisserie chicken, among others. One of the reasons my family and I always went to this market is because Divonne has a seafood stall that offers a seafood breakfast. It is the freshest seafood, which you hand pick; and it’s a great way to start your Sunday: oysters, crab legs and a glass of white wine. Typical french *sigh*.

Sankt Gilgen, Austria

Back in Austria, around the Wolgangsee area, we came across Steckerlfish (fish on a stick). Steckerlfish merchants have little huts on the side of the road where they smoke and grill fish, mostly mackerel, trout, bream or fingerling. These fish turn out crispy and tender, oozing with aroma. They are served on paper and you dig in with your fingers.

On the flip side, a more civilised restaurant in Sankt Gilgen is Angusta. Angusta is a steak house which specialises in Irish Angus beef cooked on the fire, similar to a barbeque. A piece of Angus steak is cooked to your liking (and to perfection, might I add) and is shared between 2 people with sides and a bottle or red wine, if you like.

Their entire menu is absolutely delectable and if you know me, you know that if there is a Creme Brulee on the menu… I just gotta have it.

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