Vivid Sydney 2017

Every year, Sydney hosts Vivid Sydney, where art, technology and commerce intersect.  This event features large scale light installations and projections called Vivid Light, where images and light shows are projected onto famous landmarks such as the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), to name a few. As part of this medley of light-shows and sculptures, music performances, collaborations and creative ideas, discussions and debates also take place. During the first 2 weeks of April, Sydney turns into and is celebrated as a creative hub.

Her are some of my pictures of Vivid Sydney 2017.

The Opera House
Matin Place
Close up of Under the Harbour Bridge
Circular Quay

Most people come to the city to see the light projections and sculptures. This year, Vivid expanded out of the usual harbourside landmarks, with extra installations and projections in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour, Taronga Zoo, Chatswood and the new Barangaroo precinct. Here are some photos of those areas.

Even though there were more light sculptures and projections as in previous years, which were absolutely stunning, there were a few disappointments. Customs House was left out of the show entirely, this year, where it has always been a staple and always exhibited one of the best light projections. Martin Place’s, tree projection was very similar to the one of Vivid Sydney 2015, and one really had to search within the Barangaroo precinct to see the installations, there. Perhaps next year, Vivid Sydney will use the Barangaroo Reserve as a light-show space. Unfortunately, I din’t get a chance to go to the Botanical Gardens and Taronga Zoo, but I really hope Vivid Sydney will use these new spaces again next year.

All in all, the light projections and sculptures I did see, at the Opera House, the Circular Quay and the MCA, I found rather underwhelming. I think Sydney should keep the SydneyLand and the Harbour Bridge lights on permanently, though.

Can’t wait to see what Vivid Sydney 2018 has to offer.

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